Nine Months of Change

Much to my amazement it has been nine  months, far too long, since I have written. I never intended to take a hiatus as my blog is one of the things I enjoy writing. I love to research and discover new finds, green ideas and options, as well as staying up to date on the many changes in the laws governing GMOs. Sometimes life makes changes we never planned or expected and as always there is only so many hours in a day and priorities must be set.  Being a small business owner as well as a budding currency trader and a new Nana my days are filled with little room for much else. Because of this some things need to be set aside until time allows. I am not a believer in doing a job half way just to get it done so I set my blog aside as I only want to contribute meaningful and hopefully helpful posts. For the past 9 months I have been busy, really busy with many exciting events. Our Alzheimer's fundraiser, something very dear to my heart having lost my beautiful mom to this devastating disease in 2009, was a success. There is no cure for Alzheimer's, there are no survivors. This needs to change, now. We ride to honor the victims and loved ones battling every day. Every year we get bigger and better and one day will put an end to Alzheimer's.sott-snip-logo   Not only did we succeed in donating $4000. for the Alzheimer's Association, we gathered some of the best people to join our fight. Busy year for sure. And fun lots of fun even in the rain. zIMG_9901.jpg   In 2016 many exciting events transpired, the US Presidential election, the outstanding Cleveland Cavaliers won the championship, as well as our Cleveland Indians made the playoffs.  All super exciting events . However nothing  could ever be as exciting as the arrival of my first grandchild. The beautiful tiny blessing that is Avery Nicole Gaskins 20160720_180425 In always being a baby lover I knew this little miracle would fill my heart with love. I had no idea how deeply I would fall for her. For the first few weeks, every time I held her my eyes would fill with tears with the immense love that filled my heart. I could hardly put her down or leave my daughter and son-in-law's home because I would miss her the minute I did. You grandparents know what I am talking about. You know how you feel when you hug your grandbaby and look into their tiny face, pure joy, pure love in knowing this tiny person is part of your child, the child you loving raised who is now a parent. Another feeling I did not consider in being a Nana, the need to fiercely protect this new life. You know the feeling you felt when your babies were born, tiny, helpless, defenseless and more treasured than any person ever. The thought of  harm coming to  this child would cause you immediate anxiety and the need to stay close to your child. After all no one can replace this unique human, this baby that you created and brought into the world, no one can ever understand the deepness of your love. These feelings remind me of my mom and her informing me upon the birth of my daughter "your life will never be your own again" I thought I knew then what she meant, I am real sure of what she meant now. Now there is another love in my life. This adorable baby girl, who already at almost 6 months old is so much like her mommy at this age. Quick with a smile, easy going and happy all the time. As well as refusing to nap for more than 20 min ;)Yes I am bias :) My point being, child or grandchild this kind of love is ever enduring, powerful, deeper than you can imagine, irreplaceable.20160721_164524      

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