Cambodia Collapsible Purse

$ 49.00

 The purchase of Cambodian Purses empowers people who are primarily landmine and polio disabled.  Their group was established with the goal to provide jobs for those living in poverty - most often widowed mothers who can greatly benefit from a Fair Trade business model with positive economic and social justice.  They are employed, under Fair Trade guidelines, to ensure that they are justly compensated for their creations while building confidence and self-esteem.  The artisans are provided technical assistance, advance payments and a healthy work environment so that they can help themselves supplement daily food needs, send their children to school, and to save for medical services.  Profits are shared by giving sewing machines and providing incentives that benefit their children. Purses are made from renewable reed, a native plant which grows naturally without chemical fertilizer.  After harvesting, it is soaked and boiled in natural water or dye; then dries in the sun light.  The reed is woven together by hand and shaped into many different purse styles. This free-standing flat-bottom purse can also be collapsed flat for traveling,  Includes an interior pocket for a cell phone, large interior zippered pocket, zippered top, and xx" handle.  Eco friendly and Fair Trade. Dimensions:

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