Thai Elephant Art - Nothing But Blue Skies

$ 46.00

A Hong original, one of her best pieces.

11 x 14.....46.00

20 L x 16 W....75.00

 The Original Elephant Paintings were painted by elephants in Northern Thailand. Of the 65 elephants at this well managed elephant camp, only nine elephants paint. Hong, the now world famous elephant painting elephant, was using a stick to "draw" in the dirt when she was very young. Then opening car doors and being very inquisitive. She was easy to teach how to paint while her art teacher used bananas and sugarcane as a reward.

We took the video of the Original Elephant Painting and posted it on YouTube where it has since received more than 15 million views. National Geographic also filmed a program about us and the elephant painting for their program called "Wild on Tape". The original elephant paintings are 22"x30" and we also have smaller size prints of the elephant paintings for sale.

National Geographic filmed their great program Wild On Tape with us in Thailand that regularly airs on the NatGeo Wild Channel.

We had just finished buying products from the 'Long Neck' hill tribe people when we serendipitously stopped at this elephant camp and was fortunate to have the camera in hand when the elephants carried their box of paints and brushes to the waiting easels.

The elephants seem pleased with the applause of the audience and of course the bundles of sugarcane and bananas after the paintings are completed. Your purchase of their art provides much needed financial support for this well managed elephant camp as well as support elephant conservation.

Watch Liz and Mark on the National Geographic program Wild On Tape


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